meet the founder

meet the founder

Hello, my name is Jayne Nicole Jeary, born and raised in Montreal and moved to Toronto and began my 21-year career in the cosmetics and beauty industry after graduating from Aesthetics School in the ’90s. In my wonderful career in the cosmetic industry, I have had the privilege to experience the positions of a Beauty Department Manager in a drugstore chain and luxury beauty department stores, Spa Director and Sales and Education Executive for an international skincare care brand.

While my amazing career has had me working where I must dress to impress, I found it extremely challenging finding nude shade hosiery for my skin tone. Like many of you, I am disappointed and saddened by this reality. So, I created a solution that will help us all to easily purchase nude shade hosiery for our skin tone. I thought to myself, this is crazy that we have to succumb to wearing nude shade pantyhose that don’t match our skin tone or go bare legged, which is not always the look we want.

Like many of you. Yes! I want flawless looking legs and feel confident when I wear my mini skirt and look smooth, shaped, polished in my LBD and yes, I want to feel empowered in my business suit. We all want to look and feel confident in everything we wear and that’s what inspired me to create Jayne Nicole, luxury nude shade hosiery for people of colour.

The Jayne Nicole brand is truly the quintessential, timeless and much-needed fashion accessory for people of colour. My goal is while we wear the hosiery we feel confident, positive, empowered and inspired to do, look, feel and be our very best.

Feel good about looking good!
Jayne Nicole xo


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