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Happy National Stocking Day!


National Nylon Stocking Day, is held every year on May 15, is the perfect opportunity for us Hosiery Lovers to celebrate this wardrobe essential, which has played an important role in the fashion industry. Here’s how Jayne Nicole is celebrating.


Though the history of National Nylon Stocking Day is hazy it is celebrated to recognize nylon stockings as one of the most useful fashion accessories that were invented for women. The day is celebrated every year on May 15 not only to look back at the history of nylon stockings but also to shed light on the numerous varieties and colors of nylon stockings that are available on the market. It also aims to encourage people to wear these stockings since they are durable and extra comfortable.

Yes, the demand for pantyhose may reign supreme today but nylon stockings were originally the ‘It’ fashion accessory. In fact, a dress was deemed incomplete without the addition of some sexy sheer nylon stockings. Before nylon stockings were invented, women wore material that included cotton, linen, wool, or silk. Research on the production of nylon started in 1927 by DuPont and was produced for commercial use in 1939. Once nylon stockings hit the market, they were so popular that over 64 million pairs were sold in the first year.

However, nylon stockings became less accessible during World War II. Their production was put on hold as the texture was used to build parachutes, airplane cords, and ropes. During this time, the demand for nylon stockings in the market was still high, however, despite there being little to no supply.




Buy yourself a pair, or two, or three 😊

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  1. Stockings for men

Stockings were initially worn by kings and nobles.

  1. Women maintaining decency

Women wore stockings because it was inappropriate for them to be barelegged.

  1. Sold in the millions

Four million pairs of stockings were sold in four days in 1940.

  1. The riots for stockings

In 1945, women rioted over nylon stockings.

  1. Affordable for all

Nylon stockings are cheap and durable.


WHY we at Jayne Nicole LOVE Hosiery

  1. They are durable

Pantyhose is a favorite for a lot of women and men since they are durable and are easy on the wallet.

  1. They look sexy

Our sheer hosiery provides warmth and look super sexy at the same time. They are suitable from everyday to formal events.

  1. They are comfortable and stretchable

Hosiery is preferred over other types since the fabric is comfortable and stretchable. This means you won’t have to rush to purchase a new pair if you gained a few pounds. Wink! Wink!

So now you know all things about National Nylon Stocking Day it’s an awesome time to head on over to and treat yourself or a friend to a single pair or signto our monthly subscription today.




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