About the Brand

Jayne Nicole is a Toronto-based Company established in 2017. We are a specialty niche brand that was created as a solution for women of colour to find luxury-quality, nude shade hosiery that compliments their skin tones.

Our nude shade hosiery is like makeup for the legs and a social media filter; they camouflage imperfections, lift, shape and smooth your figure to dramatically improve the look of any outfit and have you feeling confident, elegant and polished.

The Jayne Nicole Brand is more than a hosiery brand, we are part of the movement that builds confidence and empowers all women to look, do and feel their very best.

I have named each shade as some of the I AM self-love affirmations that I use each morning to remind me that, I AM whatever I say I am. My wish is for each every one of you to feel that same inspiration. So, now as you’re selecting your shade, you too are saying your self-love affirmations.
Innovation through passion and self-love xoxo

Jayne Nicole


Phenomenal women’s club, where we treat you like the phenomenal woman you are.

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