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How to Care for Your Delicates

Let’s get into it, tights, pantyhose, stockings, nylons…. Are all considered as delicates and should be taken care of as such. Let me show you how to keep your hosiery looking pristine as well as helpful tips and tricks. 


Wash Your Jayne Nicole’s Only When Necessary

Here at Jayne Nicole, we recommended that you handwash your hosiery in warm sudsy water and wash only when necessary. Typically, hosiery should be cleaned after every four-five wear that is if you’re wearing panties underneath them. We don’t recommend washing them in a washing machine, but if you do decide to, it should be done on the delicate setting in cold water and preferably in a mesh lingerie bag. 


Avoid High Heat

Avoid high heat at all costs. Heat and hot water can reduce the overall elasticity of your hosiery. This can lead to sagginess, and you will quickly find that the fit of your hosiery is less than ideal. After washing, I prefer to lay my hosiery flat to dry to avoid dents and stretch out the hosiery, resulting in a poor and loose fit. 


No Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents, excessive washing, and fabric softeners can wear out the fibers of your hosiery and can damage them. Choose a delicate liquid laundry detergent when handwashing your hosiery. 


Washing Your Hosiery 

When handwashing your hosiery, allow them to soak in the warm water and mild soap for approximately ten minutes. Give the garments one final gentle massage and then rinse your pantyhose under cold water. Lay everything out flat for drying. If you follow this handwashing and washing machine tips, you will find that you can keep your delicates in the best condition for longer. 


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