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How to Properly Care for Your jayne Nicole's

Have no fear! Your hosiery care guide is here!

We love that you want to take the best care possible of your Jayne Nicole products! 

The rules of care are like other luxury goods with fine materials – wash them carefully, never machine dry, and store gently.

Read on for tips on how to keep your hosiery in beautiful condition, on and off your legs!

First things first: You need to make sure all your rings, bracelets, watches, and any other interfering jewelry is off! The last thing we want is for your stunning hosiery to get caught in your favorite bracelets or rings.

Pantyhose should be washed just like socks - after every wear. It is best to hand wash your hosiery. To protect your hosiery even further, wash them inside out. To hand wash, gently massage the material in a bowl of warm, soapy water let them soak for 15 minutes then rinse in cold water. Roll in them in the towel but do not wring them. Lay them flat to dry on a towel until dry. Never put them in the dryer!!! The heat and movement can cause the material to lose their stretch and will damage the delicate fibers. So, let these babies air dry flat on a towel.

  • You can use your bathroom sink for washing. If you cannot, a large bowl could work too. Grab your delicate liquid detergent (or if you do not have any, regular liquid laundry detergent can work as a substitute). We need to treat our stockings like royalty, which means no rough treatment on those babies!
  • Place your hosiery in the bowl or sink filled with detergent. Use your hands to clean to get rid of the dirt and oil. Gently rub the hosiery a few times to make sure that the detergent reaches every part like the gusset and feet.

Once you are finished, lightly squeeze the excess water out of your hosiery. Make sure you lay them on a flat surface to dry. Try not to hang them or it may cause them to stretch out more than it needs to. And in a couple of hours, your Jayne Nicole Hosiery should be ready to go. TA-DAH!

Note: We recommend to not use a drying machine to dry your hosiery as the heat can weaken the delicate fibers.

Before thinking about how to clean your hosiery, make sure you are putting them on properly.  First! Hosiery gloves! They will protect your delicate hosiery from snags while putting them on. We offer them on our site.  If not using hosiery gloves, be sure to mositurize your hands, feet and legs with your favorite body lotion before slipping into your hosiery. Shaved legs are a bonus, remember the pantyhose are made of a delicate material and stubble can be coarse which could cause a RUN.  Ok for this next part you might want to sit on the edge of your bed or a chair.  Now gently slip your toes into your pantyhose only after gathering/rolling them all the way down to the toe. Gently roll them up over your heel, calf, then to your knee. Now switch over to your other leg and repeat to the thigh, stopping to adjust if necessary, rather than tugging at the end. Then continue to bring them up over your hips and to the waist, adjust gently if needed. This helps stop unnecessary stretching of the delicate fibers. To prevent snags and runs, make sure your toenails and fingernails are smooth, filed and free of rough edges, and all jewelry is removed. our wear your Jayne Nicole hosiery gloves.  Please do not pull your hosiery off by the toe - instead, roll them down just like you rolled them up.

Here at Jayne Nicole, we often get the question “How do you store your your Jayne Nicole hosiery?” A crucial way to ensure that your fine hosiery lives a long and full life on your legs is to keep them properly folded whenever they are stored. We recommend keeping your hosiery neat and free of runs in storage pouch, separate them with drawer dividers.....

Step 1 — Lay your hosiery flat, with the toes lined up.
Step 2 — Fold your hosiery in quarters, starting at the toes and moving upward to the waist.
Step 3 — Now they are ready to be stored.

Jayne Nicole Hosiery completes a beautiful wardrobe. Many women consider their luxury hosiery as prized possessions. Since shoppers spend a lot of time online and in stores, comparing options before purchasing hosiery, it is worth it to keep your hosiery protected and organized in your closet or drawers.

It is true: Jayne Nicole will be coming out with satin pouches to store your hosiery in but until then, if you are looking for more storage options, we have plenty of useful tips. Look at these suggestions for storing your high quality, glamorous pantyhose, and opaque tights.

After taking care when wearing, washing, and drying your sheer pantyhose and opaque tights you do not want them to get damaged in your drawers! Fold your fine hosiery and place them in a drawer away from any items with zippers, clasps, or other parts that could snag fabric. There you have it! Caring properly for your luxury stockings will help them last much longer.



If you do not have one yet, look for hanging closet organizers online, right now, with pockets large enough to hold socks, thigh highs, and other closet necessities. They save room in a closet and up your organization game. Place your Jayne Nicole hosiery in the pockets so you can reach them easily, as you get dressed for the day. We suggest you keep your stockings separate from all other pieces, to reduce the chances of getting fuzz and lint stuck on your hosiery.


These partitioned drawer organizers work well for delicate lingerie and hosiery. They maximize your drawer space and keep luxurious wardrobe items in mint condition. Carefully roll or fold your tights and pantyhose and place them in specific compartments of your drawer organizer. Try to keep only one pair of stockings in each envelope of the drawer organizer, so the stockings are not crammed all together and avoid wrinkling.


Fabric bags, such as silk or satin bags, are a wonderful choice for storing luxurious wardrobe accessories. Solid drawstring satin bags are easy for discrete organization. These bags are helpful for travel, where suitcase space is limited and a priority. Satin bags are also great for protection against heat and humidity, which will help keep your Jayne Nicole hosiery last longer!


Professional organizers just might swoon at the looks of your closet after you have developed an organization system for your pantyhose and tights. Our Jayne Nicole hosiery are a worthy investment, whether you prefer the classic sheer pantyhose or our sensational opaque tights.  Jayne Nicole hosiery are long-lasting, chic and give you a polished look for any occasion, whether you are at the office or out with your friends. That is why we recommend you get an organized system, so that way you are never short on your Jayne Nicole hosiery!

We are so glad that you have entered the wonderful world of luxury hosiery! 

Proper care for fine hosiery is easy and effortless.

 By following our simple directions, your hosiery will go the extra mile and will last for many wears. 

Jayne Nicole XOXO

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